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3 Top Benefits of Having a Marijuana Dispensary ATM

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When you’re running a business in Colorado, Oregon, California, or some of the other states that fully legalized marijuana, then you have many options available regarding weed. One of them is to set up a marijuana ATM inside or outside your business. See where it is legal on the link.

What is a marijuana ATM? Just like any other machine of this kind, it provides marijuana products when you enter your debit or credit card inside. Everyone can take what they need. Just like when you’re getting a Coke from a machine on the subway.

When it comes to cannabis machines, some might ask themselves if this really works. Yes, it does. People love getting cannabis products this way. It’s a huge business in states that have it legal. In this article, we’re sharing three main reasons why you should install one in your business. Follow up to see for yourself!

1. Makes you extra cash

If you want to have an extra hustle or a side job, then this is a great opportunity. Companies providing cannabis products through machines like these will offer more options for you. If you have your own business and a place where you work with clients, one of them will surely be perfect for you.

Check out the options they provide and for one of them. Place the machine at a strategic place that will be visible and will attract visitors. Do nothing more but providing electricity for its work. At the end of the month, see how much you made.

You don’t have to produce the cannabis, nor distribute it. All you have to do is find a perfect spot for the ATM. The rest will be done automatically, and customers will line up to get what they are interested in. You, as a provider of the location, will get a share of the profits.

2. Attracts visitors

One thing that is great for businesses providing this kind of machine, is that it attracts visitors to their original business. How is this possible? Well, people now have more respect for companies who are pro-cannabis. There’s a massive action in the US that tries to legalize pot on a federal level.

Companies who support the struggle have support from customers. When they need to choose between going to one restaurant or another, they will choose the one that has a marijuana dispensary ATM located within their premises. It’s mutual respect, and everybody earns from it. Read this article about the positive sides of marijuana:

When you install this in your restaurant, if we continue using the same example, you’re installing an add-on to your business. It’s like investing in a new kitchen that will provide Chinese food aside from your standard Italian dishes. It attracts additional customers to your place and makes you more profits.

3. Works the marketing on its own

Everything works digitally today. The world has turned entirely on the internet. With the Covid crisis, most people are home scrolling through social media. People who come to your place and take pictures from the ATM will share them on social media. Others will see it and that’s free marketing that has a much bigger impact on the company than any paid ad you’ll try to make.

If you manage to put some wild graphics on the ATM, be sure that people will love sharing them everywhere. You’ll see more positive reviews on Yelp and other review pages, and your business might take a sudden positive turn that you didn’t expect to happen. At the same time, you’re making money out of people using it, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.


The only thing you need to think about is where to get the ATM from. You should be checking out every cannabis store ATM machine cost and make a comparison between them. The business that will offer the best options is the one that you want.

Some of these companies are located far away. Sometimes in another state. Don’t worry about it because the industry is still not developed as it should be and there aren’t too many of those working on it. Still, go through the internet and find the best one for you.

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