How CBD Differs From THC

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There have been many misconceptions about the two cannabinoids, THC and CBD. While both of these substances interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the human body, they have very different effects. Before legalized marijuana stores, it was difficult to tell what consumers were buying. While this difference may not be a big deal for those who smoke recreationally, it has a significant impact for those who seek cannabis products to deal with certain medical symptoms.

THC offers a more psychoactive high, which is why it may be considered as more recreational, but it does offer some medical benefits as well. CBD on the other hand, focuses more on physical ailments, which is why it’s the preferred cannabinoid when it comes to pain relief. If you’re looking for strains that contain a high amount of CBD, consider doing a search on best CBD oil products in your area, since oil extracts are much more concentrated, and usually have a stronger effect. 

Medical Benefits of THC and CBD 

Wie das Verhältnis zwischen THC und CBD die Effekte beeinflusst

Pain can significantly alter our day to day life, and while a western medicine approach may help you for some time, that solution could result in even more medical problems in the future. The reason why marijuana has become the go to product for many issues revolving around pain is because of the minimal side effects. THC is what you want if you’re dealing with muscle contractions and cramps. However, keep in mind that some consumers have reported problems with the side effects of THC.

If you deal with inflammation or neuropathic pain, then CBD is the cannabinoid you need. Some experts recommend using a mix of CBD and THC when it comes to dealing with pain. The issue with this is that people react differently to either cannabinoid, which means that those who are just switching to the medical cannabis industry should start off slow and in low doses. The good news is that while a high dose may make you uncomfortable, it will never kill you, which is why experimenting with marijuana to deal with your symptoms is one of the safest ways to go about it. Most overdoses in the U.S. occur from prescribed pharmaceuticals, which is something to think about before you consider how to deal with your pain. 

Finding the Right Products 

If you suffer from illnesses such as epilepsy, then you need to find strains which contain a high amount of CBD, or better yet, try looking into the best CBD oil products in your area. One thing to note when looking for CBD oil extracts is that not all are made the same. For the best results, you should take a closer look at who manufactures the product you’re about to buy. 

Summary: CBD has some amazing healing properties, but it only works for certain symptoms. You should know exactly what you’re smoking if it’s for medical reasons.

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