Get to Know About CBD – the New Found Medical Boon

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Cannabidiol commonly known as CBD has evolved as an interesting chemical. It is an oil derived from Marijuana and is right now changing the ideologies of the people about it. While most of us are aware about the THC derivation from marijuana but rarely do we know about CBD.

Both of the chemicals are being extracted from Marijuana and serve different purposes. THC is a nerve stimulant and has psychotic properties that gets one high, whereas CBD has huge medicinal benefits and is just the opposite to that of THC.

Understanding the ingredients

Everything to Know About Topical Marijuana

Medical marijuana comprises over 300 unique compounds, out of them 60 are cannabinoids. These 60 cannabinoids have got their different characteristics. Until now this thing was unexplored because of the legal issues related to marijuana.

These cannabinoids have specific effect on the human body and three cannabinoids namely cannabidiol, caryophyllene and cannabiqerol provides relief to the human body under different circumstances. While marijuana cannot be without THC, CBD cannot be ignored because of its plethora of uses. These CBD stains are becoming popular each and every year. Let us check the benefits:

CBD is not at all a Psychoactive

Contrary to the myths, CBD or any extracts of CBD, whether in pill or oil form will not get you high. The chemical composition and bonds are different therefore they have different impact on our body. CBD does not cross the brain barrier. It does not interfere with the moto system of the nerves. It reaches out to the nerve cells and gives mental relief.

Medical benefits

It is a boon for the new age medical science as it cures several nerve tissue inflammation and neurodegenerative diseases. It alleviates from convulsions due to epilepsy, relieves anxiety and stress. Most importantly, studies have found out that as it is alkaline in nature, it hinders the growth of cancer cells. Moreover, doctors have also reported that it also helps schizophrenics patients.

Caryophyllene is an active compound of the CBD oil and makes up about 40 percent of the composition. You can find higher percent of caryophyllene in concentrated form of CBD. These compounds activate the part of the brain that releases serotonin and activates the nervous system to work efficiently. It also balances out the sodium potassium concentration of the nerve cells.

The other compound is cannabigerol and it is immensely useful for lowering blood pressure. Cannabigerol constitutes of the other 60 percent of the oil. It is found reduced form and is helpful when it is used with other compounds for various nervous and cardiac problems.

Patients who are suffering from fatigue, asthma, eye sight problems, weight gain, epilepsy, migraines, bowel disorder are most of the time treated with a chemical derivative of cannabigerol. You will be surprised to know that even obsessive-compulsive disorder can be treated with CBD oil.

CBD is a nutritional supplement and you can get it over the counter if you want it. You can check for the latest offers on this miracle drug.


Unlike THC, CBD does not alter the biochemistry of our body. Rather it helps out body to get back in balance. New studies and researches are also investigating its used over lung cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

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